Products & Services

MDC is aiming to achieve its objectives in the Real Estate development as follows but not limited to:

  • Expanding business through buying, developing and selling real estate and land in strategically selected locations.
  • Developing residential and commercial projects that cater to the needs of locals and residents in the upper and medium income categories.
  • Leasing and selling uniquely developed residential and commercial units at affordable competitive prices.
  • Promotion is vital in this rapidly developing economy; hence MDC incorporates state-of-the-art marketing methodologies to promote its projects.
  • To accomplish company objectives in particular and to support local economy in general, MDC recruits highly qualified staff and have established strategic business cooperation with international companies-specialized in the field of real estate and construction management.
  • Applying international best practices and strategic outsourcing concept in association with selected local, regional and international parties to offer best end-user product.