This distinct coalition of the group of businessmen and engineers who established the company aims at dedicating their high experience in real estate and constructional development to make harmony between demand and execution, to keep abreast with progress and advancement, and to integrate modernity yet maintaining the spirit of Saudi heritage and authenticity.

In MIZAT DEVELOPMENT CO. we follow a creative philosophy in the field of residential complexes construction. We provide products that match the demands and needs of customers, complying with high standards. We work diligently and exploit all our capabilities supported by the experience of our allies of international leading companies in this field to present the products that not only have good visual appearance and elegant design but also have high quality execution along with multitude advantages, to occupy the foremost place in the Real Estate Industry and a model to be followed.

We do not look forward to create difference but uniqueness and excellence in design and execution to provide modern houses that match the requirements of the society and secure comfort and tranquility garnered with urban and environmental integration through proficient engineering.